Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]
Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Body Wipes [XL]

BEST FOR  Body & Back Sweating

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  • Includes: 10 XL DRIBOOST® Wipes Per Box.
  • Apply before bed, stay dry for days.
  • 4X larger for back, neck, chest & body.
  • Treat excess sweating and hyperhidrosis.

Why: We recommend our extra large SweatBlock body wipes for areas beyond the underarm. This wipe is 4x larger than the original and is just as effective at stopping excessive sweat. Apply at night, stay dry for days.

Perfect for: Body, Back, Neck, Chest, Underarms

Water, botanical extracts, polyethylene glycol 8000, polysorbate 20, vitamin E oil, eugenol, aluminum chloride (15%)

Max Protection DRIBOOST® wipes are safe, easy and painless to use:

1. APPLY AT BEDTIME. For best results, apply DRIBOOST® Wipe at night before bedtime. This allows SweatBlock sufficient time to create a strong block while your sweat glands are less active (usually during sleep).

2. APPLY TO CLEAN, DRY SKIN. Dab a SweatBlock wipe to clean, dry skin. DO NOT RUB. Rubbing may cause irritation. For sensitive skin, test a small skin area first.

3. ALLOW TO AIR DRY. Allow the SweatBlock formula air dry on skin then GO TO BED. Applying at bedtime allows the formula to work it’s magic while you and your sweat glands are less active.

4. NEXT MORNING, WASH TREATED AREAS. Wash with soap and water. You can shower, bathe, swim, exercise, etc. without reducing effectiveness.

5. If success is not achieved after first wipe use, APPLY DRIBOOST® WIPE NIGHTLY UNTIL EFFECTIVE. It may take multiple consecutive applications to become effective. Thereafter, apply as needed.


Stay Dry All Over.

Control underarm and body sweat for up to 7-days per application*. Our Strongest protection available without a prescription.

Strong. Safe. Effective.

Just one application every 5-7 days keeps your shirts dry and your confidence high. Formulated with strong, safe and effective ingredients to give you results you can count on. (apply at night for best results.)

Doctor Trusted & Recommended

SweatBlock was born in 2004 when a renowned doctor and researcher finally found a fix for his own embarrassing underarm sweat. Since then, SweatBlock has been helping thousands of people overcome unwanted, excessive sweat.


SweatBlock is a clinical strength antiperspirant developed to reduce excessive underarm sweating. SweatBlock is made with aluminum chloride, which is stronger than what's found with over-the-counter antiperspirants. It works by blocking the sweat glands... hence the name "Sweat Block". When applied to skin, the SweatBlock formula goes into the ducts of the sweat glands, makes them swell, and prevents the sweat from escaping. The result: dry bodies, restored confidence.

15% Aluminum Chloride. Don't be fooled by the lower % when compared to other types of Aluminum. Aluminum is proven to be the strongest and most effective against excessive and embarrassing sweat. For Example, 15% Aluminum Chloride is more effective and almost 3x stronger than 20% Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohyrex GLY.

Yes, SweatBlock is safe. It was developed by a doctor and is one of the most recommended OTC treatments for excessive sweating. The SweatBlock formula follows all FDA guidelines for an OTC clinical antiperspirant. There has been no correlation between the use of antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride and the occurrence of breast cancer or alzheimers.

Yes, these wipes are very effective in treating hyperhidrosis. For excessive sweating, apply weekly or as needed before bedtime. In the morning, simply wash and enjoy the Sweat Block benefits. If success is not achieved after the first use, apply 2-4 nights consecutively until effective. Then, apply weekly or as needed.

Our Max Protection XL Wipes are very similar to the original SweatBlock antiperspirant wipe. They use the same proven SweatBlock formula but with more active ingredient (stronger). These wipes are 4x larger than the original SweatBlock Wipes. Both provide up to 7 days protection per use.

Individual results will vary, but customer effectiveness surveys support the appearance of dryness for up to 7 days per use.

SweatBlock XL wipes were formulated for use on underarms, back, and neck. However, many of our customers have found success using our max strength wipes on hands, feet, face and other body areas. Please consult with doctor before using in sensitive areas such as groin, crotch and breast.

While our XL wipes are primarly designed to control sweat, they can also help with odor. By reducing sweat-loving bacteria, you can eliminate the odor that comes along with it. SweatBlock Max XL Wipes are unscented so you can also use a deodorant with your SweatBlock (Do not apply at the same time. Apply wipes at night, deodorant in the morning)

SweatBlock Max Clinical Antiperspirant wipes can definitely reduce odor caused by sweat. But they do not provide added fragrance. We recommend using a deodorant along with SweatBlock wipes to control sweat and odor.

We highly recommend you test SweatBlock on a small area of skin before applying fully. If you know you have sensitive skin, it's likely that SweatBlock will cause irritation. Always consult with your doctor before using a strong antiperspirant like SweatBlock... especially if you have sensitive skin.

As long as you follow the application instructions included with your XL Max Strength Wipes, you shouldn't experience any staining or marks on your clothing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Aaron H.
Good stuff!

This really works well, easy to apply and is better than advertised.

satisfied c. (Miami, US)
definitely worked for me.

No more sweaty armpits. I can wear all my light colored shirts without the huge wet rings. Thanks

John S. (Pula, HR)
Follow the rules!

Worked like a charm for me! I followed the rules to the t and it even exceeded what they advertised. One time it even worked for 3 weeks. It is also important to apply it as soon as you see the last dose is losing its effect.

Catherine H.

I don't know if I'm just an extra sweaty person or if I was doing something wrong when I dabbed on the SweatBlock before going to bed. Anyway, I can't say it worked for me exactly like it's advertised, but it did help some. I'm using it longer this go-round so we'll see how that goes.

I am sorry to hear you are not seeing maximum results with SweatBlock as of yet. The most common trick is to apply the wipes for 2-4 consecutive nights in the beginning. This helps get the ball rolling. After that, you can revert to once a week or as needed. Please refer to the email we sent over for more info.

Wetzene M.

It didn't work for me

The most common trick is to apply the wipes for 2-4 consecutive nights in the beginning. This helps get the ball rolling. After that, you can revert to once a week or as needed. Please respond to the email we just sent over so we can get you taken care of.