How long do
SweatBlock Wipes Last?

Ongoing Customer Survey

We think 3 days without embarrassing sweat is awesome, but with our SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Wipes and SweatBlock DRIBOOST® XL Wipes people often get 5-7 days of sweat protection per application.

We’ve been asking our customers for years how long SweatBlock Wipes last for them and the feedback is hard to believe...

Average Effectiveness

SweatBlock with DRIBOOST® is formulated for long-lasting protection against excessive perspiration. SweatBlock effectiveness may vary based on individual body chemistry, but the average effectiveness is 6.4 days of dry per usage (based on an ongoing customer survey).

Featured on the Rachael Ray Show

SweatBlock was tested on national television when Rachael Ray tasked a group of Firefighters to test SweatBlock. Watch the video to see how SweatBlock stands up in extreme sweating conditions.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Keri Peterson, trusted medical advisor for many publications, recommends SweatBlock for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Watch the video to learn more.

Will SweatBlock work for you? Try it today - risk free! You've got nothing to lose but your unwanted sweat.

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