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SweatBlock Challenge with SMAC

Popular Instagram & TikTok Influencer, SMAC, takes the SweatBlock "One-Pit Challenge."

"Meet Sweat"

SweatBlock keeps the sweat monster away so you can live without worry of embarrassing sweat.

"Best Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipe"


Featured on the Rachael Ray Show

SweatBlock was tested on national television when Rachael Ray tasked a group of Firefighters to test SweatBlock. Watch the video to see how SweatBlock stands up in extreme sweating conditions.

Dr. Kerri Recommends SweatBlock for Excessive Sweating

Trusted medical expert, Dr Kerri, explains how excessive sweating occurs and the best way to treat it.

"Longest lasting antiperspirant!"


"Stop Sweaty Armpits" - Alex Costa

SweatBlock Featured on Alpha M.

"You will not sweat for a solid week after you use one wipe."