Triple Protection

If you don't love SweatBlock, You don't pay.

You’re gonna love SweatBlock. And, if you don’t, you’re totally covered.
When you buy SweatBlock you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected with an insane guarantee (actually it’s 3 guarantees wrapped into one).

1. Best Price Guarantee:

You get the lowest price on SweatBlock period! Only on

2. Authenticity Guarantee:

Buy from us and we guarantee authenticity. The scam pirates of the internet have been busy making counterfeit SweatBlock. Watch out for the cheap and dangerous knock-offs.

ONLY guarantees 100% REAL and AUTHENTIC SweatBlock antiperspirants and deodorants.

3. 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

Love it or it’s free. No strings. No tricks.

The “no fine print” details of the SweatBlock Triple Protection Guarantee:

1) If SweatBlock does not dramatically reduce your perspiration, please email within 100 days of placing your order to initiate the refund process.

2) Our guarantee applies to “overall effectiveness” (i.e. did it work?) and not the “duration of effectiveness” (i.e. days of dry), as individual results will vary based on body chemistry.

3) Qualified refunds will receive the purchase price minus shipping and handling.

4) Only one refund per customer. The refund amount is limited to the unit price of (1) SweatBlock Antiperspirant unless additional (un-used & un-opened) items are returned.

5) Refund must be requested within 100 days of the order date.

6) SweatBlock wipes are guaranteed for underarms only. While many customers find success with the wipes on other body parts such as hands, feet, face, back, etc., our wipes are guaranteed for underarm usage only.