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When you purchase at Sweatblock.com can rest easy knowing that you’re protected with an insane guarantee (actually it’s 3 guarantees wrapped into one).

Best Price Guarantee: You get the lowest price on SweatBlock period! Only on SweatBlock.com.

Authenticity Guarantee: Buy from us and we guarantee authenticity. (yes, there are dangerous counterfeits out there.) ONLY SweatBlock.com guarantees 100% REAL and AUTHENTIC SweatBlock antiperspirant.

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If you are returning an order due to a mistake by SweatBlock or due to a defective product you will receive a complete refund of all charges. Please email Support@SweatBlock.com to initiate the returns process.

We are unable to edit or cancel an order once shipped and the order must be returned for a refund.

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Yes. You can get your favorite SweatBlock products delivered on your terms... without having to think about it. For U.S. subscribers, you'll also enjoy free shipping forever. You can adjust, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

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We’re not like your credit card company. There are no hidden fees

No. There are no time commitments. As long as we keep our promise to help you stay more comfortable and confident, we hope you’ll stick around. We’re not big fans of hostage situations.

Yes, you’ll receive an email a few days before each scheduled shipment which contains a link for you to make any adjustments you’d like. If all else fails, we’d love to help. Call us at 855-796-2566 or send us an email at support@sweatblock.com. We’ll get you taken care of.


SweatBlock uses aluminum salts to create a swelling of the sweat glands which reduces the amount of sweat that gets released on the skins surface.

Some of our products are both an antiperspirant and a deodorant. Reducing sweat can often reduce some odor caused by sweat.

People often confuse the terms antiperspirant and deodorant. They are not the same and are actually very different. Antiperspirants stop sweat and deodorants prevent or mask odor.

SweatBlock products come in varying strengths to address the unique sweating situation of each customer. Here's the reader's digest way to understand which products are strongest. These strengths are based on the allowable % of the active ingredient designated by the USFDA.

STRONG - Regular Strength = Mid-range % of active ingredient as per FDA guidelines
STRONGER - Clinical Strengh = High-range % of active ingredient as per FDA guidelines
STRONGEST - Maxiumum Clinical Strength = Maxiumum allowable active ingredient % as per FDA guidelines

Please note: Not all active ingredients are created equal. The FDA has varying limits for different types of aluminum. To make it simple, here's a list of all the active ingredients we use in our products. (Listed in descending order based on active strength)

Aluminum Chloride (Strongest)
Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate
Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex gly

All of SweatBlock's products are over-the-counter (OTC) and do not require a prescription from a doctor.

Based on your body chemistry and skin sensitivity, you may experience side effects like itching, burning, rashes or general skin irritation. Prescription antiperspirants are more likely to come with these side effects as the active ingredient (usually aluminum based) is above FDA OTC guidelines and will tend to irritate skin.

Clinical data has proven that there are no connections between cancer and alzheimers disease.

No, there is no evidence that antiperspirant use is linked to cancer. The American Cancer Society has determined that "There were no strong epidemiological studies in the medical literature that link breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use, and very little scientific evidence to support this claim."