Are you tired of constantly worrying about excessive and embarrassing sweat? You're not alone! People just like you have found relief and confidence with SweatBlock – and now you can too!

Our customers rave about the life-changing effects of SweatBlock...


"I absolutely love it! I've tried so many different antiperspirants and saw no hope in sight until I tried Sweatblock! I'm going on 3 days now with the first application and virtually no underarm sweat! Thank you so much SweatBlock"- Nick V



"4 days in and it's already changed my life."- Chris M



"I love these products!!! I can finally wear a shirt and not have to worry about sweating!!" - Kelly H



“You will not sweat for a solid week after you use one wipe.” - RACKED.com



"This actually works. These types of one-off "miracle" medical products never work on me. I'm shocked, however, at the efficacy of SweatBlock. One wipe keeps me dry for a little over one week. I'd had massive sweating problems all of my life in my underarms, regardless of the shirt that I'm wearing."- Mark H



"Saw this on Tiktok and used it at a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. Used several hours before the wedding and the only places I was sweating were the places I didn’t wipe! The wedding was in late February but it was freezing outside and raining so we were inside most of the time which got hot quickly but you couldn’t tell because of how little I was sweating. Highly recommended for big events!"- KIRBS



"Works great. After the second day of using it, I was not sweating in certain situations I would normally sweat in. Give yourself confidence without the fear of sweating if you have a presentation in front of a Board room, job interview or just meeting people."- Peter V



"Never has anything stopped my sweating like this. I can wear a shirt without embarrassing wet pit spots. Amazing."- Sara S


Featured on the Rachael Ray Show

SweatBlock was tested on national television when Rachael Ray tasked a group of Firefighters to test SweatBlock. Watch the video to see how SweatBlock stands up in extreme sweating conditions.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Keri Peterson, trusted medical advisor for many publications, recommends SweatBlock for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Watch the video to learn more.

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Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Travis L.L. (Portland, US)
This stuff works!

I had my doubts but these wipes work. When you purchase the wipes you’re supposed to get a code for three free wipes to start. Not sure why mine didn’t work but either way I followed the directions and used one wipe daily for the first three days. Now I use one wipe a week and my regular antiperspirant 2-3 times a week and my armpits aren’t wet and I don’t stink. Great product so far. Ordered another box and considering the antiperspirant stick but hesitant because there’s no mention of the smell. I actually like the smell of the wipes so wondering if it’s the same. Anyways the wipes are great. Just follow the directions.

Game changer

Absolutely works! From first application!! Zero side effects. Great product


Works extremely well. Highly recommend

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Ashley A. (New York, US)
Made my Disney trip so much drier!

Orlando heat and humidity in the summer is no joke so I decided to try SweatBlock for the week of my Disney World family vacation. I could not believe that my armpits stayed totally dry through all the sticky weather and even wearing shirts that would normally make me sweat. I will definitely use them in the future- didn’t even need to pack deodorant!

Great product

Nothing has worked for me. Loving the products so far.

Love it so much!

This is better is the longterm than the quick dry product, I tried both. This one requires consistency, but works very very well after a couple weeks of regular daily use. My feet sweat so bad, its unbearable and uncontrollable. I can't wear sandals without sliding around in them, and I soak my socks within minutes. This hand and foot lotion has helped control sweat to almost nothing, im beyond grateful. Anyone with severe hyperhydrosis knows what this level of sweating can do to a person, mentally. If you haven't used this product consistently for 2 weeks, you haven't yet given it a fair chance. It so worth it.

Face Antiperspirant Wipes
Alicia (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Every sweaty persons fantasy product!

I'm on a medication that makes my face sweat excessively. Since using sweatblock my sweating has decreased by nearly 75%! I was hoping for any significant decrease, this product has exceeded my expectations! Will purchase again!

Works good

It worked good would buy again

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Liset D.A. (Miami, US)
Amazing 🤩🤩🤩

My daughter finally can wear anything. This actually works incredibly like magic

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Kathryn (Imlay City, US)

Wow literally a game changer!!! I struggled so bad with sweat I couldn't lift my arms for the embarrassment. The wipes started working the second night. I noticed I was sweating everywhere except under my arms. It's literally amazing.

Sweaty teenager

My son is in middle school and struggles with excessive armpit sweat. I told him the product might take a little while to be affective so be patient. After following the instructions it worked after 1 use! Hopefully it will work others. I recommend.

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Stephanie C. (Philadelphia, US)
Sweat block wipes

My daughter has tried every antiperspirant under the sun, including Carpe. For 10 yrs we shopped and bought so many different ones. She would be covered in sweat 5 min after getting dressed. Nothing has worked until sweat block. The wipes caused a rash the 1st use. But then the rash went away and she said it actually worked for 5 days!

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Ron B. (Cleveland, US)

excellent product...zero side effects...completely effective...grateful for this!


I've struggled with sweating all my life as a woman, I was always too nervous to wear anything cute because of my underarm sweat. Recently, I wanted to start ballet and after reading around to find a good antiperspirant I found out about this brand and I am genuinely so glad that I did because this works WONDERS! It is quite itchy after applying it at night, but that goes away by the time morning comes around. I've now been to several ballet classes and I never feel myself dripping with sweat under my arms which is an absolute miracle for me. I am able to enjoy my classes without worrying. I 100% recommend this to anyone who is struggling with too much sweat under your arms.

Awesome Product

I would sweat so much that my pit stains would go halfway down my torso and around my front and back. There was no hiding it. I kind of hated my life because of that. I didn't really believe this would work as I have tried other anti-perspirants with zero success, sometimes they made it worse. BUT this... I used it two nights in a row because after the first night I still had a little sweat. I used a little too much and irritated my armpit. But now I use it once every 3-5 days, depending on how my armpits feel and I am completely dry. This stuff is a godsend. I've debated buying like 100 packs just incase this place were to ever stop selling. It is 100% worth a try, I would say for 90% of people maybe more it will work wonders.

It actually works!

I was pessimistic as nothing has worked in the past. I've even tried the RX wipes that are $300, and they didn't work. Within a couple of days I noticed a difference with Sweat Block, and by 2 weeks, I knew I needed to order more. They ACTUALLY WORK!!!

So far so great!

I searched forever, and counted 9 perspirants in my medicine cabinet! I tried other brands that claimed they were the best (carpe, and it was expensive and it sucked). I gave Sweat Block a shot and I have been very impressed. I have a few shirts I don't wear because I can sweat right through them quickly. I am still a little gun shy to wear them to work, but I am giving one a shot today. I am pretty sure I found what I need in Sweat Block! Thank you!

Face Antiperspirant Wipes
Anonymous (Van Buren, US)
Such a great product

Sweatblock seems to always impress me.

same % of the same active ingredient in carpe for half the price.

i have hyperhidrosis and its sooooo bad and this stuff WORKS. it def hurts your underarms at first but it doesn't last.

Worked for me

I could not find a store bought deodorant that worked. Constantly soaked my shirts in the pits. Been using Sweat Block for a few weeks now and I'm sold.

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Larry B. (Louisville, US)
Great product

I have been satisfied with every product purchased. The name for this product holds true - Sweat Block!

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
stephen s. (Broomfield, US)
its really great.

the best

Actually works

As a the queen of stink and having the nickname smelly Danielley I can honestly say Sweat Block works. I have been using it for more than a year and it is the first deodorant that actually works. I am an avid hot yogi and it makes me not unbearable to be around.

Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant
Sean S. (Salt Lake City, US)
Amazing product

Since I've been using both Swett block wipes, and the deodorant, I no longer have massive sweating issues. This is one of the best products I've ever found.

Antiperspirant for Feet [Quick-Dry]
Brittney R. (Madison Heights, US)
Sticky but not Sweaty

After trying this out for a few weeks I can 100% say it works! My feet are sweating significantly less on a regular basis which is exactly what I wanted. The only thing I would change is that I am not the biggest fan on the sticky residue that is left on your foot after application for a half hour or so, but I would take that over excess foot sweat any day.