Are you tired of constantly worrying about excessive and embarrassing sweat? You're not alone! People just like you have found relief and confidence with SweatBlock – and now you can too!

Our customers rave about the life-changing effects of SweatBlock...


"I absolutely love it! I've tried so many different antiperspirants and saw no hope in sight until I tried Sweatblock! I'm going on 3 days now with the first application and virtually no underarm sweat! Thank you so much SweatBlock"- Nick V



"4 days in and it's already changed my life."- Chris M



"I love these products!!! I can finally wear a shirt and not have to worry about sweating!!" - Kelly H



“You will not sweat for a solid week after you use one wipe.” - RACKED.com



"This actually works. These types of one-off "miracle" medical products never work on me. I'm shocked, however, at the efficacy of SweatBlock. One wipe keeps me dry for a little over one week. I'd had massive sweating problems all of my life in my underarms, regardless of the shirt that I'm wearing."- Mark H



"Saw this on Tiktok and used it at a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. Used several hours before the wedding and the only places I was sweating were the places I didn’t wipe! The wedding was in late February but it was freezing outside and raining so we were inside most of the time which got hot quickly but you couldn’t tell because of how little I was sweating. Highly recommended for big events!"- KIRBS



"Works great. After the second day of using it, I was not sweating in certain situations I would normally sweat in. Give yourself confidence without the fear of sweating if you have a presentation in front of a Board room, job interview or just meeting people."- Peter V



"Never has anything stopped my sweating like this. I can wear a shirt without embarrassing wet pit spots. Amazing."- Sara S


Featured on the Rachael Ray Show

SweatBlock was tested on national television when Rachael Ray tasked a group of Firefighters to test SweatBlock. Watch the video to see how SweatBlock stands up in extreme sweating conditions.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Keri Peterson, trusted medical advisor for many publications, recommends SweatBlock for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. Watch the video to learn more.

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Greatest deodorant in the game! We need different scents though.

Well there isn’t much to say because I have not received the product

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Nolan C. (Sacramento, US)

So GLAD I found you!!!

Nothing works better than sweatblock wipes. I am so happy with this product. I will continue to use it with the body deodorant cream. Both together works miracles. Thank you so much. You saved my life. I was giving up on myself already

Gotta admit I'm surprised this works so well. Of course I haven't used it during a Texas summer, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the same results when summer comes around.

I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked until this

Works but itches a lot


i was always the person with her elbows pushed against her sides bc of excessive sweating. Hands, feet, underarms. I've tried multiple other brands that claim to work and they might for a few days then stop or never actually control sweat, only odor. Sweat Block is the best antiperspirant + deodorant system I've ever tried in my life. i am for once, not insecure about wet marks on my shirts. i've convinced myself i love the color black, i always changed shirts multiple times a day, and took multiple showers. I hated touching anything or even stepping on floors, scared to leave a foot print. i finally feel free of all of those things. Thanks to Sweat Block.

Awesome Product

My son sweats extreamly bad he will sweat through his shirt doing nothing. I bought this product for him and he loves it and said the roll on is what really does it he still uses the stick deodorantit came with and it’s also great to and smells amazing . Definatly worth it

So strong you can taste it…not kidding. I think if you dropped a bar of this in Lake Michigan, you would create buildable home sites, lol.

Great Deodorant

This is an absolute saver. My husband works a 12 hour night shift and this helps him get through the night without breaking a sweat keeping his odor down. He loves this!

Definitely works!! Second purchase.


Winner winner !!!! The best product in market .

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Lindsey S. (Minneapolis, US)

I had been struggling with excessive underarm wetness for years, and it seemed to be getting worse and worse. It would determine what shirts or dresses I would wear, and it would be very embarrassing. I finally did some research and came across sweatblock and it is a total game changer. I have minimal to know underarm wetness now, and it's a huge relief. Definitely follow the instructions to avoid irritation. There is slight stinging as it drys and starts activating but otherwise it's a dream!

Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant
Amanda M. (North Salt Lake, US)
The only one I use

I have been using sweat block for a couple of years now and love it. It helped when nothing else worked. The wipes paired with the daily deodorant is the only way to go for me. I would absolutely recommend!

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-on
Kim B. (Chambersburg, US)
Freedom from daily sticky deodorants

I’m in love with this roll-on as it works great! I can go at least 5 days without reapplying, even in the summer. I workout 5-6 days a week and I never smell any odor. I also love that I don’t get white residue left on my clothes from deodorant when putting on/taking off clothes. You just need to follow the directions, especially to allow the roll-on to properly dry before putting arms down and going to bed. A quick fan/hairdryer speeds up the process. This avoids the tingling/burning feeling you may get if left wet under your arms. Highly recommend! One roll-on has lasted me over a year and I have a lot left so probably at least two years.

The best product for wetness and odor!

The best product for wetness and odor.


Game changer. Fought sweat for years. Nothing worked until I found this product. Hopefully you have the same results.

Everyday Deodorant Antiperspirant [24hr]
danielle S. (Salt Lake City, US)
Stinky girl approved

As someone who had a nickname “smelly Danielley” as a kid, I was definitely hesitant about using this deodorant because no deodorant really worked. I purchased sweat block on a whim and it has been the best whim I have ever taken! It is so strong and lasts even through my 90 minute hot yoga sessions.

Fantastic product

I have been using the product for over 5 years and it has helped tremendously!

I love sweat block wipes, but the roll on causes rashes/burns on my under arms. I forgot about that and ordered it again. I will not make that mistake a third time.

100% works

This is an essential for my life now

Best product ever have been using it for over a year. My friend recommended me and I would recommend it to everybody if you work hard sweat hard work out hard get this block.

I have my confidence back!!!

All i have to say is Finally!!! Something that works. I have been suffering from armpit sweat and smell for about a decade now. These last 5 years its gotten worse. The Gillete Clinical only worked for a couple hours then i could feel sweat and i could smell my pits. And i showered twice a day and still couldnt get rid of the smell. I used antibacterial soap and same thing.