Is SweatBlock Safe?

Yes. And here's why...

Verified Pure & Safe Ingredients

At SweatBlock, we use the purest quality ingredients to ensure a safe and beneficial experience with our products. Every product is backed by a 100-day, Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Doctor Created. Doctor Recommended.

SweatBlock was developed by a renowned doctor and is trusted by medical experts worldwide.  Dr. Keri Peterson, a prominent New York doctor, Women’s Health Magazine contributor, and trusted medical expert for ABC, NBC, and FOX, regularly recommends SweatBlock for excessive sweating + hyperhidrosis. 

FDA Approved Ingredients

SweatBlock follows all FDA guidelines for antiperspirants and contains many of the same safe ingredients that you’d find in your favorite deodorant products.

NOT Aluminum-Free... for a reason!

Despite the clever marketing of the latest “aluminum-free” deodorant brands, being aluminum-free isn’t necessarily a good thing. 

In fact, “aluminum-free” is really just saying, “this product doesn’t use one of the most effective, medically-proven ingredients to help you control unwanted sweat and odor.”  

Aluminum has been used for decades to help treat excessive sweating. It's FDA approved for topical use, and there is no evidence that aluminum-based products contribute to cancer or Alzheimer's disease. The average person consumes more aluminum in their daily diet than they’d ever absorb with aluminum-based antiperspirants or deodorants.

If you’re serious about taming embarrassing sweat and odor, an aluminum-based product like SweatBlock will give you the best chance of success.

We’re proud to say we use pure, safe, pharmaceutical-grade aluminum in our products to ensure max sweat protection and max customer satisfaction.  

Formulated, Filled, and Sealed in the U.S.A.

All SweatBlock products are formulated for safety, quality, and efficacy in the U.S.A.  While some of our ingredients come from other parts of the world, we mix and fill everything domestically in FDA-regulated facilities.   

Proven Formula with over 14,000 5-Star Reviews

Our trade-secret SweatBlock formula isn’t just safe; it’s incredibly effective (over 14,000 5-Star reviews). SweatBlock has also been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Oz, Yahoo News, Women's Health, Men’s Health, Buzzfeed, and many other publications.  

SweatBlock is safe, effective and easy to use. Try it today - Risk Free!

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