"This is the best antiperspirant deodorant ... and there's nothing close!"


SweatBlock Stops Sweat. Period.

If you experience excessive, embarrassing or inconvenient sweat, SweatBlock is for you. Even if other deodorants have failed you, SweatBlock with DRIBOOST® excels where other antiperspirant fall short.

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SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Antiperspirant Wipes

Stronger than clinical protection for excessive underarm sweat. One wipe keeps you dry for up to a week.*

Includes 10 Wipes for up to 2 months of sweat protection.


[MAX] Sweat & Odor System w/ DRIBOOST®

Stronger than clinical SWEAT and ODOR protection. Stay dry and smell amazing for days.

Includes 10 DRIBOOST® Wipes and 1 Clinical Deodorant Stick for up to 2 months of sweat + odor protection.


SweatBlock DRIBOOST® Value Pack [2 Boxes]

Buy more, save more. Stronger than clinical protection for excessive underarm sweat. One wipe keeps you dry for up to a week.*

Includes 20 Wipes for up to 4 months of sweat protection.

Clinically Proven.   Doctor Created.   SAFE & EFFECTIVE.   MADE IN THE USA. Clinically Proven.
Doctor Created.


There's absolutely no risk to trying SweatBlock today. In fact, if SweatBlock doesn't keep your pits and shirts dry. You don't pay.

Try it today - Risk Free.

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Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Michele F. (Dayton, US)
7 Years and Still Going

I started using these wipes in 2016, and I recently ran out of my stockpile and thought maybe I didn't need to buy more right away. Sweatblock had made me forget how awful my sweating was without these wipes. I was right back to worrying about pit stains and needing extra deodorant for the day. Thankfully I was able to order more wipes, and I am immediately back to my happy, sweat-free life. Never running out again.

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Clint G. (Rapid City, US)
Good product

Worked for me almost immediately. Nice not having soaked through pit spots.

Everyday Deodorant Antiperspirant [24hr]
Nicholette O. (Boston, US)
I must be broken...

I'm probably going to have to get prescription grade antiperspirant. I was really hopeful when finding this product, but yet I still managed to sweat right through it... other than that it has a lovely scent, goes on smooth and if I'm not busting my bum at work then I manage to stay dry.

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-on - B2G1
Haley L. (Albuquerque, US)

I love the roll on, but all these products work so well. I highly recommend them.

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Rahshad M. (Westfield, US)
Life saver

Only if I purchased these products years ago. This is the only product that actually works. And I tried them all. Thanks guys!


We have never had an issue with sweat block products. They’re awesome, they work, and they work as their label says. Highly recommend this clinical strength anti-perspirant. As a moderately overweight guy who can work up a sweat peeling an orange, this stuff stops it!

Better Than Expected!

I didn't expect this product to be as good as it is. Not only does it block sweat, it reduces odor too. I don't have to wash my shirts as often. SweatBlock is the fashizzel!😁

Get the job done

The product works perfectly with me. It helped a lot throughout my everyday. I am so happy and I never have to worry about armpit’s sweat.
The product is awesome I have no more words.

Great deodorant

Great protection
No breakout or irritation!!

Love it!!!

My whole family use it. It works for everyone. We all use to use all different types of deodorant. Now we all use this. And when it’s delivered we all fight for extras just in case😊

Works so good!!

This product is life changing! Ive not been sweating for 2 weeks, crazy!!!

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
William C. (Philadelphia, US)
Game changer

This is the first product that truly worked for me. I’ve gone through so many different types of deodorants, Carpe, and even tried to change my diet to see if it’d help. I will say the wipes do cause minor irritation for me but I also have sensitive skin. Despite that, I’ve been able to wear shirts without the worry of stains or if I’m going to ruin them. More than that, I have my confidence back. Love the product.

Face Antiperspirant Wipes
Shawn S. (Archer, US)
Great for travel!

I travel a good bit and airplanes can get real hot and stuffy. These wipes keep me dry so I don't contribute to the interesting smells on airplanes. Will continue to buy and use!

Antiperspirant for Feet [Quick-Dry]
Jim H. (Tuscaloosa, US)
It works!

Remarkable product! I’m very pleased. Looking forward to getting more life out of my shoes. Thank you!

Super Fresh Body Powder Lotion
Sha H. (Fontana, US)
It Works!

I am Mail Carrier and I work outdoors and indoors, so when I tell you it works it really does, even in hottest conditons. Can't wait for the Clear Protection to be back in stock.
Keep up the Great Work guys.

Great & works!

It really works and easy to apply!

Good deodorant !!

I really enjoy sweat block … the dr put me on thyroid medication and I sweat profusely and it is good at keeping bo at a minimum … the only downfall I have with it is usually about every stick is only useable to around 75-80% … once it starts getting toward the bottom it breaks or is even partially hollow in some sticks … I continue buying because it works well , but at the price it costs it would certainly be nice to be able to use it all because it’s so expensive

Going Into My 2nd Week, But Happy So Far!!!

First, a little about me. I am a 50 something Male who has always suffered from excessive sweating under the arms. How bad was it? On the worst days (not due to stress or weather) I would sweat through a cotton t-shirt and dress shirt. In fact, there were many instances when I could feel perspiration running down the sides of my torso. To say it has been embarrassing & debilitating doesn't even come close. I was afraid to raise my arms and had to keep them close to my sides at all times. I could not buy many colors of shirts because I knew they would really show how much I sweat. It affected me at work and when out with family/friends. I will share that a year ago, I stumbled upon "Carpe" products and have been using them until now. Unfortunately, Carpe did not stop my underarm perspiration (although it did address the smell issue). SWEAT BLOCK addressed both issues from the first time I used the products. I ordered & began using SWEAT BLOCK last Saturday evening before bed. I got up in the morning, showered, soaped under my arms, dried off, applied the SEAT BLOCK Clinical Grade Antiperspirant and got dressed for church. Usually, by the time I arrive at church there are noticeable stains already under my armpits. After church it is much worse to the point where I usually don't stick around to talk because of embarrassment. Well, last Sunday was totally different. Absolutely NO perspiration or stains all day. In fact, I have remained sweat-free under the arms all week at work too! The anti-perspirant deodorant has a light, pleasant smell that is not overbearing (as in trying to mask an odor). I am so pleasantly surprised that I've gone shopping for shirts and have purchased colors I never would have in the past. This has been a life changer for me. The next step for me was going to have surgery done to help stop the excessing sweating. So glad I ordered SWEAT BLOCK. I'm going into week #2 and am very happy so far!!! I think the key is to follow the directions precisely. Hopefully this review will help others who are in the situation I was in for as long as I can remember.

Made In Heaven

This product is made in heaven i just love it

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes
Rob D. (Scottsdale, US)
No swamp arms for me

Product works as intended and is so easy to use, why wouldn’t you. Don’t spend all that money on anti perspirants!

Best purchase I've made in a long time

All my live I've had do deal with hyperhydrosis. This has been extremely embarrassing, as I'd have pit stains almost anywhere I go, which drastically altered what kind of shirts I would wear.
After buying sweat block, it worked like a charm the day after I applied it! I can't express how happy I am to not have to deal with those pit stains anymore.
I was skeptical at first but if you're dealing with something similar, diefinetley give it a shot!

Max Clinical Sweat + Odor System [Wipes]
Dawn L. (Denham Springs, US)
BEST product I've found!

I have been going through hormonal changes, causing me to sweat (and smell) more. Nothing has worked for me. I tried Carpe, Lume and Secret Clinical. None worked. The first time I used Sweat Block, it was a game changer! I haven't sweat AT ALL!! And I smell so fresh, even for 2 days after showering! The wipes irritate me when I put them under my breast, so I just don't use them there. Otherwise, it hasn't had any bad effects.

No happy

Sorry to write this review, but this deodorant is the same as the others. It doesn't stop the sweat, the odor, and the scent is too strong. Some days, this deodorant gives me a headache. I won't recommend it at all.

Max Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-on
Elaina M. (Phenix City, US)
Awesome product

Thank You so much sweat block has been a life saver . Great product, no more embrassing sweat stains.

Good stuff!

This really works well, easy to apply and is better than advertised.

No matter where you sweat, we've got a solution for you...