SweatBlock Antiperspirant

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Stay Dry or Don't Pay 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Stop Excessive Sweating Now

Picture yourself hugging, waving, working, playing, and just being you... WITHOUT those embarrassing underarm sweat marks and wet spots.

Whether it's nerves or anxiety, hyperhidrosis or hormones, SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant is up to the task of keeping you dry, comfortable, and confident. Guaranteed!

SweatBlock is a trade-secret antiperspirant formula pre-soaked on a soft towelette. Specifically designed to stop excessive sweating and reduce irritation for up to 7 days per use, SweatBlock is strong against sweat even when other antiperspirants have let you down.

  • Stay dry and comfortable guaranteed!
  • Wear any color or fabric - worry free
  • Save your shirts and your pride
  • Apply every 7 days or as needed
SweatBlock Towelette

What Customers are Saying...

"I was sweating through two or three shirts a day until I found SweatBlock. All I do is sit behind a desk all day it didn't matter if I was hot or cold I would just sweat... I tried every antiperspirant on the internet... This stuff works and gives you your confidence back..."
SHANE - DEC 24, 2016
"Sweatblock has helped me deal with my hyperhidrosis. After years of dealing of sweat and embarrasment I found the help. I am more confident to wear whatever I want. I'm a lot happier with myself and I've never felt better."
KIMBERLY - FEB 12, 2016
"After reading testimonials and watching videos on SweatBlock I decided to try it out for myself, in spite of having absolutely no expectation. I almost cried when the sweating progressively reduced! I managed to be at a point of no sweat within 10 days of using it!"
HANNA - DEC 12, 2014
FDA Compliant Formula.
Over 3500 five-star reviews.
Stay Dry for 7 Days.
Free Shipping on orders of 2+ boxes in the U.S.
Tested on the Rachael Ray Show
Doctor Recommended
Sweat Problem: Solved!

What's in the Box?

  • 8 pre-soaked antiperspirant towelettes
  • Tips and tricks for success
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
SweatBlock Antiperspirant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SweatBlock last per use?
The average is about 6.4 day per use. Some more. Some less. Results will vary based on body chemistry.
Should I used deodorant with SweatBlock?
Yes. We recommend using a deodorant (not antiperspirant) as needed for freshness and odor protection.

How to Apply SweatBlock

Step One. Start with clean, dry underarms. Shave for best results.
Step Two. Press the SweatBlock pre-soaked towelette firmly within the hairline right before going to bed.
Step Three. Allow underarms to air dry. This about 5 minutes.
Step Four. Go to bed. Applying at bedtime allows SweatBlock to do its magic while your sweat glands are less active.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1137 reviews
Thank you SweatBlock

I have been using SweatBlock for over 6 years since a friend suggested it to me. I have yet to find a product that rivals how it has changed my life! I used to spend hours trying to plan my outfits to avoid the embarrassment of having to raise my arms and expose my pit stains or rings of moisture. I was always cautious of wearing certain materials or clothes too light in color. I constantly had to get rid of clothes due to staining in the armpits. Wearing white?? Forget about that! I have been a loyal customer because it works and has since day one! Thank you SweatBlock!


I bought sweatblock for a relative with excessive underarm sweating. Read some reviews and thought it was worth a try. IT WAS. It is a wonderful, affordable, product. The next option would have been botox. Thanks for providing this useful alternative.

100% worth it

This review is prolly gonna sound generic, but I frickin swear this stuff works. Figured I would try it after wrecking shirt after shirt. Not sure what exactly I "have", but basically any shirt that rides up near my armpit would cause me to sweat like crazy, and literally nothing was working deodorant wise. Even in the freezing cold of winter, which was particular annoying. I tried Sweatblock the first time, after a shower and sleeping right after and it worked perfectly. I stated using it every 7 days because they say "up to 7 days". But then I totally forgot to put it on the next week and realized it lasted me 4 weeks. Now I use it and wait until the sweat breaks out again, which has been anywhere from 7-28 days. Which makes it really affordable actually and 100% worth it.

I was crazy skeptical at first, but I swear to you this will work great and is so simple and safe to apply.

My confidence is back

I sweat a lot and have tried all I know just to stop it but non worked for me. I saw the sweatblock advert, then I decided to give it a try and luckily for me it worked. And have been using it ever since then. It makes me dry all day and now I got my confidence back...thanks to sweatblock.

A True Life Saver

This is the only thing that has ever been able to control my sweat. I tried all different kinds of antiperspirants and “tricks” to help with sweating and each one failed. I had a hard time wearing light colors or anything that would show pit stains. This product is amazing, a true life saver. Simply put it on once every week or so and never have to worry about sweating, also very affordable price. Highly recommend!

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