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Cleansing Body Wipes for Adults

It happens. A lot. Sometimes we're unable to take a shower. When there's no time to bathe or shower, it's FunkBlock Shower Wipes to the rescue. They're the ideal way to freshen up and restore your sense of well-being and confidence when you're on the go.

No time to shower?

There are many situations when and where you want to be clean and fresh, but you can't take a bath or shower.

AFTER A WORKOUT OR A RUN : Many of us exercise on our lunch breaks. Many dry gyms don't offer showers and if you're taking a lunchtime run, where are you going to shower? No one wants to go back to work feeling sweaty and smelly. Neither do your coworkers.

CAMPING : Even without hot water, camping is great. Not showering for several days and smelling like a perpetual campfire? Not so much.

TRAVEL : Ever had a long, hectic day traveling? Running to your gates, cooped up in a plane for several hours, or even a long road trip can bring out the worst in your personal hygiene.

BEFORE A DATE OR AN IMPORTANT MEETING : If you have an important meeting or a date with a potential significant other, you're bound to work up a nervous sweat. Oh, if only you could take a quick shower.

SPORTS : Golfing, biking, and hiking are just some of the sporting and activities we love. Having lunch with the guys or girls afterward is not something you want to do when you're feeling wet and dusty.

How can I shower without taking a shower? Body wipes are the answer.

A shower in a body wipe? Is this possible? Yes! Now you can carry a shower in your pocket that you can use anytime you need to freshen up. FunkBlock Shower Wipes are body cleansing wipes for adults and they're the closest thing to a real shower you can get. These full body wipes are designed to be convenient, effective, easy to use, healthful, and downright refreshing.

Here are more reasons why you'll love FunkBlock Shower Wipes:

THE PERFECT SWEATBLOCK COMPANION : For best results, use FunkBlock Shower Wipes to wash armpits before applying SweatBlock. When these products are used together, you can feel clean and stay dry all day long.

CONVENIENT : FunkBlock cleansing wipes for the body come individually sealed in 10 leak-proof and air-tight pouches. Each one is the perfect size to tuck away in a purse, your pocket, gym bag or briefcase. They can be stowed away in your luggage, your backpack, or your car. No matter where you go, FunkBlock is the shower wipe that goes with you–discreetly.

EFFECTIVE : FunkBlock is the triple threat adult body wipe for men and women. One side contains "Funk Beads" for scrubbing and exfoliating. The reverse side is soft and smooth to gently but firmly wipe away perspiration and even makeup. FunkBlock is an exfoliating body wipe, a body cleansing wipe and it's a deodorizing body shower wipe all in one. When unwrapped, each FunkBlock wipe is extra large and fits generously in your hand. No more trying to wipe yourself down with tiny bath wipes.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS & HYPOALLERGENIC : FunkBlock natural body wipes are made with aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E. They're alcohol-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free, which means they are safe for your skin and won't cause irritation. Each individually wrapped wipe leaves you feeling clean, alive, and refreshed. FunkBlock no-rinse body wipes leave no residue and are great for sensitive skin.

100% GUARANTEED & MADE IN THE USA : FunkBlock body wipes are proudly made in America. They're 100% guaranteed to be the best body wipes you've ever used or your money back. We're confident you'll agree that FunkBlock is the best body wipe for camping, traveling, after the gym, and for all the other situations when you need to shower, but can't.

What's it Worth to Feel Confident?

It's hard to feel confident if you're feeling sweaty, dirty, or smelly.

When you feel clean and smell your best, your self-confidence will soar. That's why cleansing wipes for the body can be an important part of your day, no matter where you are, or what you are doing.

If you're a busy man or woman in today's hectic world, taking a shower without taking a real shower can be an absolute lifesaver. Take FunkBlock Shower Wipes with you wherever you go. Breaking away for a few moments to clean your face, underarms, and entire body with FunkBlock Shower Wipes will leave you feeling fresh from head to toe and ready to take on the world.

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