FunkBlock Shoe Deodorizer & Foot Odor Spray

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Tired of Smelly Feet or Stinky Shoes?

Use FunkBlock Foot & Shoe Deodorizer to freshen your shoes and stop embarrassing foot odor.

For Fresh Smelling Feet:

Stinky feet are embarrassing. You deserve to feel confident when you kick off your shoes (or not be stink-blasted by someone you love). Rub in a few sprays on each foot and the stink is gone.

The strong and effective ingredients of FunkBlock Shoe Odor Spray are gentle on sensitive skin and can knock-out even the funkiest of foot odors INSTANTLY. Silence the “smellers” in your life. They won’t be able to talk about your stinky feet again!

Eliminate Bad Shoe Odor:

With FunkBlock Foot & Shoe Spray, you’re shoes can smell fresh and stay that way. Just a few sprays of the strong, fast-acting, funk-fighting formula will wreak havoc on the stink-causing sweat and bacteria.

For parents, this means you don’t have to plug your nose when you’re near your child’s shoes. For athletes, it means you don’t have to hold your breath when you open up that gym bag (it works great for gym bags too). For everyone else, it means your shoes are gonna smell fantastic and nobody is gonna bug you about it again.

Stop the Stink in Gear, Bags, Hampers, etc.

If it stinks, FunkBlock can help. Ski boots, sports gear, costumes, hampers, garbage cans, etc. Just a few sprays and bad odors are neutralized by our trade secret funk-fighting formula and replaced with a pleasant minty freshness.

Natural and Safe Ingredients

You can rest assured that you’re not spraying harmful toxins and chemicals on your skin or in your shoes. FunkBlock Foot Spray for shoes and smelly feet, harnesses the best essential oils, bacteria fighting probiotics, baking soda, and other safe stink-stopping ingredients to help you put an end to foot and stinky shoes odor.

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