Super Fresh Body Powder Lotion

Talc-free body powder lotion for sensitive and private areas.  Works like baby powder without the mess.  Not an antiperspirant.

Thanks Baby Powder, We'll take it from here...

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your body... Heat rash, chafing, stickiness, and embarrassing groin odor... Can it get any more uncomfortable? It's time to flip the script.  Grab some Body Powder Lotion by SweatBlock to stay fresh and funk free.

Moisture, Odor, and Chafing Control All-in-one

SweatBlock Body Powder Lotion is your little secret to staying fresh and living comfortably. This magical lotion spreads effortlessly and dries on your skin as a silky, smooth, body powder protective layer. Once applied, it absorbs moisture, prevents chafing, and stops odor in its tracks.

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