Crystal Deodorant Spray - 2 Pack

100% natural crystal deodorant body spray.  For long lasting odor protection.  Works great with SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes.

Customer Reviews

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Stunned at the Results

I've used Sweat Block sporadically for a year but ordered a bottle of this natural crystal deodorant on a whim. To be honest I didn't expect much--but I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. Disclaimer: I don't use it on my armpits but other areas of my body and feet that all of which are prone to develop odor as the day wears on. With just a few sprays of this stuff, I have absolutely no odor which is unbelievable. I have likened it to a magic potion--it's that amazing. No itching or fragrance in the product itself. It just works amazingly well. This product is part of my daily regimen from this day forward.


I was Always trying natural items getting older and more aware of the poisons they put in stuff ie powder etc i wanted Something ( clean ) and that worked ! I’ve tried others i still Had that sweat smell THIS IS AMAZING AND WORKS !!! i add A bit of natural lavender oil and it lasts allllllll day sometimes 2 days grateful for this product and PRICE


I always dealt with odor.. not bad but enough.. girlfriend would complain and etc.. I'm an avid user of sweat block about every other week.. love the stuff.. but after a long drive or from being warm... I would start to stink.. after trying this deodrant and traveling some distance and working in a mechanics shop.. I have no odor.. I can't simply be more grateful for this!!!

The Best Deodorant Ever!

I use SweatBlock and was looking for a natural deodorant that would actually work. I have to say that I was extremely skeptical about this product and tried several other deodorants (Tom's, Alvera, and Arm and Hammer) before finally ordering the natural crystal spray. The other natural deodorants did not do their job (I am not an extremely smelly person) and left me smelling not so fresh by the end of the day. I tried the crystal salt stick before the spray and I have to say that the spray is definitely the winner. It has NO smell and leaves me with absolutely NO body odor by the end of the day! I know it may be hard to believe, but this deodorant REALLY works. Don't waste your time trying other products like I did!

Life Changing Product!

I've been a happy and loyal customer for several years; however, this whole body spray is BEST IN CLASS! It is perfect for summer months and works very well!

Another great product!