Underarms + Hands + Feet Bundle

Underarms + Hands + Feet Bundle

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  • Stop Sweaty Underarms, Hands & Feet
  • Includes: SweatBlock Clinical DRIBOOST® Wipes
  • Includes: SweatBlock Hands & Feet Lotion
  • Unscented, Unisex
  • 100-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

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Eric K.

Underarm stuff always works been using it for probably a year now or more. Wanted to give a shot for my feet. Lotion did not work really for my feet

Thanks for sharing your experience. Customers generally see success when applying the lotion 3 times a day for a few weeks. Please respond to the email we just sent over to ensure you are taken care of.

Cynthia F.

Still experiencing some sweating. I may need extra strength

We are sorry to hear you are not yet seeing better results. One trick may be to apply the wipes 2-4 consecutive nights in the beginning to get the ball rolling. After that you can revert to once week or as needed. And don't forget about our Love It or It's Free Guarantee. Please respond to the email we just sent out to help get you taken care of.

Sean S.

Great products

Katina D.

Hello! The SweatBlock Wipes and Lotion Bundle are great products. I would recommend both to family and friends. The products really works and I am so happy. Thank you so much for following up!

David D.

Works pretty well.

Reach out to us at support@sweatblock.com for additional tips if needed.